Measurement & Accountability

Measurment and Accountability

No matter how dedicated and engaged management might be in meeting a company’s performance goals, many companies lack the in-house analytics needed to better understand their individual campaign performance, a necessity in this age of marketing.

By establishing goals and tracking methods before we start working on strategic implementation of a long-term marketing plan, we can best follow up with detailed sales, profitability and ROI analysis.


PINNACLE Business Solutions’ expertise will give you an edge!

Our clients call PINNACLE Small Business Solutions their “strategic weapon,” which is a compliment and a major responsibility that we take very seriously. We limit the number of clients we work with to ensure attentive and flexible delivery of service. We have a proactive reporting structure that gives our clients full disclosure as to where we are in rolling out their plans, the results we’ve gained and what might need fine tuning to achieve maximum results.

Examples of our Measurement & Accountability services:

  • Performance metrics
  • Financial models, profitability and sales reports
  • ROI analysis and reporting
  • Detailed proposals for media mix and integration
  • Web site visitor and click-through tracking
  • Continued optimization of marketing programs

As your full-service marketing department, PINNACLE Small Business Solutions will also:

Partnering with PINNACLE Business Solutions drives your marketing program forward with well-honed expertise and objective insights you can trust, allowing you more time to focus on core company issues, better meet deadlines and goals, make clearer decisions, identify new marketing opportunities and motivate your entire team. Get in touch with us to see what an outsourced marketing firm can do for your business. Click Here to contact us now.
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