Logo Design


Why is a Logo Important?

At the heart and soul of your company is your logo, the key component that establishes your brand. With years of experience in logo design and corporate identity, PINNACLE Business Solutions is able to create a unique and memorable logo that will connect you to your clients and capture the essence of your product or company. Whether it’s an original logo design or a logo redesign, we would love to assist you in establishing a successful identity that will help strengthen or launch your brand.

PINNACLE Business Solutions understands how important your company logo is and offers just what you need.

  • Affordable and professional logo design
  • Simplicity: clean, clear, and memorable
  • Understanding of your business market
  • Trusted and creative graphic designers

Creative, Professional Logo Designs

You need to spark recognition in the minds of your consumers. A quality, professional logo design will show your customers that your business is dedicated and professional.

  • Company Logos are a visual shortcut to marketing your business, presenting your image, and getting your message across to all clients and potential clients via your marketing and advertising.
  • A Custom Logo is an effective identifier that provides your target market with something to remember you by.
  • A Professionally Designed Logo can provide your company with instant credibility and builds trust among prospective clients.

The Key to Successful Company Logos

While creating a custom logo design, there are several key factors which must be considered in order to guarantee your success:

  • Market Research for your company, products and services. As your full-service Outsourced Marketing Department, PINNACLE Business Solutions will investigate the trends and expectations of your clientele, review this information with you, and develop a foundation for the design team to create the right logo for your business
  • Simplicity. Your logo must be clear and concise to have the maximum effect. Your logo should be describable, scalable, and without clutter or too many colors
  • The message behind your logo your logo will be memorable and a representation of your brand. PINNACLE Business Solutions’ professional logo designs are eye-catching, establish credibility and represent your brand to your target market.
  • Trust the Professionals to get the job done RIGHT! PINNACLE Business Solutions has assembled a World Class team of professional designers who specialize in logos, business cards, brochures, stationary, and websites. Your Marketing Director will speak with you, and help you find the best representation of your company’s brand. We guarantee you will have confidence in our in-house graphic designers.
Partnering with PINNACLE Business Solutions drives your marketing program forward with well-honed expertise and objective insights you can trust, allowing you more time to focus on core company issues, better meet deadlines and goals, make clearer decisions, identify new marketing opportunities and motivate your entire team. Get in touch with us to see what an outsourced marketing firm can do for your business. Click Here to contact us now.
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