How We Work



How We Work

We take the time to get to know your business. When you partner with PINNACLE Business Solutions, your company gains superior talent, professionalism and most importantly, pro-active customer service. We work hard to ensure that the most cost-effective way for you to see results is through outsourcing to PINNACLE Business Solutions.

Our Clients

Currently we provide full-service marketing management and creative services to business owners in professional, retail, and service industries. Our services are particularly well suited to small to mid-sized companies without a dedicated marketing department, but we also provide management and additional resources to companies when “in-house” just isn’t enough.

Our Process

We work hands-on with our clients, who view us as an extension of their senior leadership team. We extract their knowledge, thought leadership, news, achievements, best practices and innovations, then communicate them efficiently, effectively and successfully to current and prospective customers through out various marketing channels.

While every client is unique and their objectives, strategies and programs vary, our full-service marketing management, leadership and direction requires best practices as to how a company should be positioned, which markets are best targeted, which marketing tools are needed and which campaigns will be most effective.

Step One: Marketing Strategy

There are three things that we clearly establish prior to any tactical implementation:

  • The positioning statement sets the foundation for all marketing communications, differentiating your company from its competitors and setting it above the others in the eyes of customers.
  • A solid marketing plan ensures that all options for communication outreach have been considered, with the most cost-effective initiatives and programs selected.
  • The marketing budget should be aligned with your company’s goals, be it slow and steady or fast and furious for aggressive results. Our job is to ensure that goals are achievable given the marketing plan and budget.

Step Two: Implementation:

Each client is assigned a dedicated Marketing Director who will guide and oversee the implementation of their annual marketing plan, see all the initiatives through and measure the results. Depending on the contract terms, the Marketing Director may or may not work on-site, and is responsible for engaging highly qualified media planners, designers, copywriters, Web developers, search engine specialists and other professionals on an as-needed basis to help roll out the marketing strategy.

Benefits Delivered

  • Reduced risk. You can reduce expenses quickly if economic conditions fluctuate.
  • Controlled fixed costs. Low overhead with fewer in-house marketing personnel.
  • Reduced variable costs. Incur the cost as you need it, pay only for what you get.
  • Speed-to-market. We can react quickly to a sudden or urgent need to communicate with the market, using our experience and expertise to produce highly effective communications.

Fee Structure

Monthly Retainer: A monthly retainer is set based on the estimated amount of PINNACLE Business Solutions’ resources needed to effectively develop, implement, and drive the marketing program forward. With PINNACLE Business Solutions, you get a Marketing Director who is backed by a full-service marketing department for about the price of a secretary!

Partnering with PINNACLE Business Solutions drives your marketing program forward with well-honed expertise and objective insights you can trust, allowing you more time to focus on core company issues, better meet deadlines and goals, make clearer decisions, identify new marketing opportunities and motivate your entire team. Get in touch with us to see what an outsourced marketing firm can do for your business. Click Here to contact us now.
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